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Cuddles on Call Pet Sitting is always seeking motivated pet lovers to help us provide incredible care to our clients! Please fill out our questionnaire, and if you qualify for an open position, a member of our team will get in contact with you!

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Are you willing to do overnight visits (in which you stay overnight in a client home with pets)?

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How long do you plan on living at the specific address that you are currently living?

Are you able to administer medication to pets (oral such as pills or liquids and/or subcutaneous such as insulin)?

Are you physically able to walk dogs (large and small)?

Are there any types of pets or dog breeds you would NOT be able to care for?

What is the minimum number of hours you expect to work per week?

Would you be able to pass a national criminal background check? If not, please explain.

What do you feel your strengths are?

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What do you think you would like most about being a pet sitter?

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How would others (friends, family, previous supervisors) describe you?

Finally, please tell us why you think you would be a great fit for the position.