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Dog Training

No matter where you are in your training, All Dogs Allowed can help you get to the next level of understanding and success with your dog.

We train dogs to listen anywhere – at home, in the training center, out in public, with distractions of other dogs, around new and familiar people, and more! At All Dogs Allowed, we don’t just want you to get results in the moment; we want you to understand why you got them, how to get them in the future, and how to apply the technique to other behavior. Our aim is for you to understand how your dog learns so you can communicate, teach, and grow together.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it at All Dogs Allowed – from puppy socials to foundations for older or rescued dogs, from achieving your AKC Canine Good Citizen title to just finding a place to have FUN with your dog – we have something for everyone.

All dogs are welcome! Our facility allows us to accommodate puppies, socialites, dogs in need of space, special needs dogs, and more! We have worked with various breeds and have no restrictions or prejudices, no matter the shape, size, age, or temperament – your dog is welcome here… and so are you!


Dog Grooming

Waggerz was founded by a group of professional groomers who were tired of the big box ethos of “sell more, do less”. With over 45 years of animal handling and training experience, we will always put your pet first. We cater to all pets but truly shine with babies with special medical and behavioral needs. We are dedicated to not only providing exceptional service to you and your pet, but also to our planet. Which is why all of our products are All Natural Soap and Paraben free!